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Thursday October 30, 2014

FuelCell Energy Announces Manufacturing Expansion Project to Reduce Costs and Position for Growth

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WATT Fuel Cell Corp. Holds Official Grand Opening Event At New Facility in Mt. Pleasant, Penn.

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WVU professor to study solid oxide fuel cells use for residential-scale power generation

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U.S. Patent Office Allows NovoFuel Hydrogen Generation Patent

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Wednesday October 29, 2014

Plug Power Commissions Site at Golden State Foods; Deploys GenDrive Hydrogen Fuel Cells at New Regional Distribution Center

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Fuel Cell Developer Ceres Power signs Joint Development Agreement with a leading Japanese Power Systems company

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H2-INDUSTRIES and the Leibnitz-Institute for Catalysis Joined Venture to Develop new Catalysts for LOHC Energy Storage Technologies, to Accelerate the Energy Turnaround

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$5M hydrogen fueling station planned for Downtown Honolulu

6:59 AM Comments: Closed

Great success with maritime hydrogen seminar in Bergen

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Tuesday October 28, 2014

Colorado School of Mines Fuel Cell Center Reveals its Geothermic Fuel Cell™ (GFC)

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Dominovas Energy and Delphi Sign MOU on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology

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Danbury Fair mall to use fuel cells to generate power

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Sainsbury’s prepares for hydrogen transport with UK’s first supermarket dispenser in London

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Volkswagen Looks Set to Unveil Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car in November

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Monday October 27, 2014

Locations for hydrogen refuelling stations in Baden-Württemberg confirmed

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Watt Fuel Cell Corp. opens expanded facility

7:26 AM Comments: Closed

Singapore:$15m in grants awarded for research on clean energy including fuel cells

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Friday October 24, 2014

University of Bridgeport Fuel Cell Powered Microgrid Project Will Benefit Bridgeport Residents

7:31 AM Comments: Closed

Methanol Fuel Cell Company Oorja Names Charles Shalvoy as New CEO

6:43 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel cell industry aims for 1,200MW regional deployment

6:28 AM Comments: Closed

MHI, Chiyoda plan first offshore hydrogen plant

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Thursday October 23, 2014

Nordic leading cleantech company PowerCell develops a Range Extender for electric vehicles

8:08 AM Comments: Closed

Danbury Fair Goes Green By Adding Fuel Cell To Power The Mall

7:20 AM Comments: Closed

Golden State Foods Hosts Grand Opening For New Distribution Center Features Hydrogen Fuel Cell

6:19 AM Comments: Closed

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association Partners with Fuel Cell Seminar for 2014 Conference

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